In the Midst

As I smelled the familiar, fresh air after a spring rain this morning, the crispness and the creeping fog reminded me of games we would play as kids. Living in the country we weren’t afraid of getting lost. Early mornings when it was cool, the fog would roll in and it was like the atmosphere had fallen. I could wave in the air and the fog would move, swirling as if it were smoke. The dew on the ground was thick and wet, almost cold against bare feet. The mist from the fog dampened our clothes. It was an amazing place to get lost in, you never knew what you would run into, or maybe which brother you might hear in the distance, making a unique game of hide and seek. Every sound in the fields and the trees were amplified in this encapsulation. In this place, one could hear the bob-whites, sparrows, and scissor tails making a guessing game.  Every bird had their discrete sound, every dog we had had their distinct bark, even the hogs could be heard with their snorts, grunts and burrowing in the ground with their snouts. Spring brings everything to life. There was and still is a certain magnetism to the elements of nature and its mist in the midst. As if sirens were calling us, we would find ourselves deep in the fields, completely concealed from everything, blending in with invisibility until one might have accidentally come upon an electric fence, “that was an awakening, spoiler of the essence”.  Nature is such an awesome thing. Hearing the morning thunder and the light rain dripping from the house makes me happy. Seeing the red buds bloom, if only for a few days is a spectacle that should be taken advantage of, for only a few days of the year is their beauty seen. Soon the wild Easter Lilies and tulips my mother planted will be coming up around her yard. What are left of the old locust trees (my favorite) out at the farm will begin to bloom, with the sweetest smell ever, next to honeysuckle. By the end of summer and winter, some of us have nearly forgotten the newness of each year, but not me, I long for it, it is a large part of my nostalgia. My heaviness of heart is lifted, and I look forward to what spring brings, “except for snakes”, then I’m ready to go home, LOL. The next foggy morning, just take a moment, remember when you didn’t have to be anywhere and things weren’t important. Remember the feeling of newness as we once were. Don’t hush the silence in the loudness nature presents, not in noise, but the bursting forth of life, quietly, that is seasonal and uncapturable until next year, for just a little while.

Copyright (Charles D. Grant)

Author: coffeewithcharles58

Married for 33 years to a wonderful wife. I have 2 grown sons and a beautiful daughter n law. I love life, past and present.

One thought on “In the Midst”

  1. This is one of my favorites! Thankful for the newness and the beautiful reminders that every season is a chance for a new beginning! Love, love this one! 💗🌸💕

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