The Best Guy I Know

My younger brother Randy has been on my mind and on my heart lately. He is a great man, although in his 50’s now, I still wanted to call him a great, young man. Ever since I can remember, from the day he was born, Friday August 5, 1966 and brought home on that stormy Saturday morning, he has been a great brother, the best! He makes me proud. We already knew he was a boy, because Linda couldn’t keep her big mouth shut. LOL. She takes great pride in sharing her name with him. His middle name is Lynn, of course after her. From an early age, Randy wanted to be in the middle of everything we did, he wanted to learn everything and so it is today, there is not much he cannot do. I am the older brother and often, I am the one going to him asking questions. I remember he had bluest eyes for a baby we had ever seen. Randy was and is a kind man, and a peace keeper. He holds a temper well, when most of us do not. Being the last son, he had a lot of watching to do. Several short memories come to mind when he was a little boy. Besides being a baby, the first memory that comes to mind is; Keep in mind we had a lot of hogs at our farm. We had an electric fence that went almost around the whole thing. The fence was probably about 12-16 inches off the ground. One evening, late while feeding the pigs, we hear the shrillest scream we had ever heard. Running toward the scream, it was Randy, little bitty boy, still in a diaper. He had tried to follow us out to feed the pigs. From watching us straddle the fence to get to the other side he had also tried and of course couldn’t make it. He had one leg over and the fence was shocking him every few seconds. I remember running to him, jerking him off that hot-wire fence. He grabbed me tight and all I could think of was how much that must have hurt. I have been bitten by the hot-wire many times, but have never been straddled across one like that, needless to say, I don’t think he ever did that again. However, there was nothing that boy wouldn’t try to do. I was afraid he was going to be a pyromaniac. Every time dad started a fire to burn the trash, wood or anything, Randy was there. It hypnotizes him, and he loves it today. I had written in a former blog about running to the neighbor’s house to use their phone to call dad because he had gotten burned. What he did was to drop a struck match in a gas can, the flames billowed out and burned his arm pretty bad, as well as his face. Again, even though dad had been called, he wasn’t taken to the doctor. Back then we were told to run cold water over it and use butter on burns, well I understand that’s not the thing now. Changing gears, a little; every Saturday, Randy was up and ready to go to work with my dad, he absolutely loved it. I guess that’s why he’s a diesel mechanic today. Randy loves his grill and can be seen often cooking on it, using mesquite or pecan wood. He is an awesome cook and believe it or not can make the best pecan pie in Cottle county. When I see my brother, I still see that little boy, that little boy that grew to be a wonderful man, husband and father. Those are his two most passionate hobbies, to be a husband and father. He is soon to be a grandfather, he will be awesome! He’s not too fond of being made over, but I felt the need to let everyone know what a great child he was, the man he is and what an even greater role model he is, not only for the young, but for me as well. Without a doubt, he is the best guy I know.

Copyright (Charles D. Grant)

Author: coffeewithcharles58

Married for 33 years to a wonderful wife. I have 2 grown sons and a beautiful daughter n law. I love life, past and present.

One thought on “The Best Guy I Know”

  1. Yes I agree. He is a wonderful man that has a heart of gold and he gives the most genuine, loving hugs! Also, I will always be thankful he brought you especially that day in May 1984 just to meet me. Love you Randy Lynn! ❤️😘😘

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