Forever That Moment

The morning light streams through the uneven blind, streaming with different shades of brightness, darkening toward the edges and becoming brighter in the middle, I stare at it. As the light hits the glass, half-empty of water, it becomes a prism, bursting with colors that would have been lost if I had not awakened.  Lying there between then and now, ghosts of a lost time emerge with the intent to remind me of the laughter that memories of my Easter brings. Memories bring them back, a chance to say hello to grandma, reminisce and say thank you for those moments that time has stood still for us. Time is passing, and we say all too quickly, but only the time that is passing right now is passing, for the time before is stuck, forever at that moment. Forever that memory of grandmother dipping the eggs in the colored water, her thin fingers touching all the colors with residual hues seen around her finger nails still reels in time. The love can be felt when another drop of blue or red dripped into the glass of water at that times moment, for that moment is passed and is not now. Her beautiful, silver hair catching the light in the kitchen as she turns just right to deliver a smile and a welcome to join. All this unbeknownst to childhood until the memory is stirred from somewhere deep that reached down, surfaced and became that moment in time that these colors were made by the hands of now the past, yet linger, loudly in the stillness of the light breaking through my window. Grandmothers smile was sweet as those sugary, candy eggs we delighted in finding on Easter morning, but the sweetness does not compare to that warp in time when the aunt’s and mother were one in the day, were extra hands continuing a legacy that is virtual at this moment, for that too is a moment that is still stuck in time, not going, but time passing still. My beautiful cousins, brothers and sisters looking back are still there in that place where pain is not, it has yet been felt, only joy and youth has an allotment of time for then. This time is not breached or shared by future or past, for it was then, then when we remember as ours that we shared our existing memory that has been placed in a corner, waiting for a burst of light to reach that spot, to revive another memory that is not lost or forgotten, just in a place, waiting to merge into a magnificent burst of color, just as it was when it was placed there. Those moments that are stuck in time are memories that were made long ago, in a time that is no more, immemorial, but exists as time just the same. I love you Grandma, kiss your babies that raised us for me, for they too are still there, waiting for a moment in time to come alive at that time. It will be Easter soon, our favorite holiday!!!!

Copyright (Charles D. Grant)

Author: coffeewithcharles58

Married for 33 years to a wonderful wife. I have 2 grown sons and a beautiful daughter n law. I love life, past and present.

2 thoughts on “Forever That Moment”

  1. Thank you Charles for our sweet remembrance of our many Easter’s spent together enjoying the colorful spring time and shared Easter egg hunts, great eats with our many aunts uncles , nephews and cousins and my mom and dad … your grand ma and grandpa Underwood. They were the best of times.

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