Natures Music

It’s drizzling outside, just enough for teardrop shaped raindrops to fall from the roof. Daddy has built a fire in the rock pit he made inside the barn. The swirling smoke rises, flattens out as it hits the ceiling and crawls toward the large opening in the barn. As it meets the edges of the roof, it begins to float upward, barely rising as there is little movement of air outside. The droplets of rain begin to make their own unique shape in the ground, almost exact measurements between each eroded spot. Every droplet demands a moment of listening, for the size, shape and depth of each one makes a different sound, a sound of nature’s music. I can almost taste the wood burning with a mixture of sweetness from the cool, spring air that is just nippy enough to interact with the fire and permeate the sense of smell. The cool air, fresh raindrops and eroded masses compel me to touch them. My dad is long since gone, our memories are made, but I continue to be summoned by the rain, probably because of him and it keeps us close. Often, I find myself outside, when it rains, especially at night, wrapped up with my two boys in a blanket, holding them close, feeling the heat from their little bodies, being at peace and giving thanks for them. The boys are grown now, they have a blanket of their own. It has become a tradition of sorts, almost like standing in front of a heater in the winter. One night they will find themselves sitting on their porch, babies in arms, swaddled in their blanket. By growing up, they have left my favorite person to share these special moments with. Many has been the time that my beautiful wife, Timberly has come outside, seeing me wrapped in a blanket on the porch watching it rain. She comes over, sits close to me and we cover one another with the blanket, holding one another close. Instead of teardrop shaped raindrops, we look at one another and have our own tear drops to share. Life becomes different, anew when the little ones are grown and gone. I remember my daddy and the memories we had. I remember my boys and the memories we have and continue to share. I not only remember memories, I continue to share natures music with my closest, most bestest friend in the world, my soul-mate Timberly.

Copyright (Charles D. Grant)

Author: coffeewithcharles58

Married for 33 years to a wonderful wife. I have 2 grown sons and a beautiful daughter n law. I love life, past and present.

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