Moment’s in Time

Every memory is a moment in time that does not change. They are constants that remind us of wonderful beginnings and seamless endings, glittered with adversities and triumphs. Memories are those segments in time that are strung together as beads on a necklace. They are sequences of life’s events, usually shared with another or an extraordinary experience. Most of them are our go to places to reclaim the past, to validate that they are still there and remain a way of keeping our checks and balances. When we lose memories, or a chance to make new ones, we deprive ourselves of a place to go for verification, justification and personal growth and giving. Our choices play a large role in the memories we make, share and hold on to. Regardless of the circumstance, memories cannot be rewritten, re-righted or unclaimed. Time changes us all. It has taken and given many reasons we remember and as many the reasons we want to forget. Being nostalgic is not always a pleasant place to be. We all have days of difference, when we wish we could right a wrong, say I love you one more time, say I’m sorry, yet those simple action verbs fall undone. Being sorry, righting a wrong, forgiving or apologizing can deliver an impact that causes a profound memory. Acknowledging a hurtful word or act before it is done will certainly save a memory unwanted. So, moving forward I challenge myself to make good choices, make memories that are worthy to remember and leave a positive resonance in my wake, reinforcing the joy of remembering my daddy making me a box kite. If I shut my eyes I can see him holding the string and being a little boy again, with me! Seeing our pet border collie put my baby sisters hand it her mouth and bring her home after wondering too far from home. Remembering running across the field to use the neighbors phone because my baby brother had lit a gas can and burned himself. Seeing my other younger brother do gymnastics and spin on the parallel bar we had placed out of pipes we found. Seeing my other brothers older than me play football, baseball and get ready for dates, driving fast and not telling daddy. Watching the twins walk to the mail box at the end of the long dirt road in the 60’s with their cut off jeans rolled up higher than allowed because a convoy of GIs was passing. Watching mom make her famous candy cake. I can still remember sleeping outside all night  listening to the crickets. Watching my nephews and nieces grow up. Seeing my babies born, remembering the day I married my beautiful wife. Memories, Memories, Memories………………

Copyright (Charles D. Grant)

Author: coffeewithcharles58

Married for 33 years to a wonderful wife. I have 2 grown sons and a beautiful daughter n law. I love life, past and present.

7 thoughts on “Moment’s in Time”

  1. Charles thank you for sharing our childhood memories it tshe’s me back like I’m in a time machine going back in time your choice of words trickle amazinglyI look forward to each day to read your blogYour paraphrasing is so real and visionary I feel tranquil and And at ease

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