The Teachers

Several years before I started to school my oldest siblings, Brenda and Linda, identical twin girls ended part of their dream to become the catalyst for some of us younger ones to achieve ours by being made to quit school and become mini-moms. Mom was often not well when I was a child and needed supervision herself. Oh, not that she had a terminal illness, but one that was life long and chronic just the same. Often the sparkle in her green eyes grew dim, sad, with a stare of longing for peace within, withdrawing her from the partnership we had with her. Many days my sisters were her mother and ours too, making sure we were aware that there was a semblance of normalcy scattered about. My dad was a self-educated man and read everything he could find; however, education was not important to him, “just get a job and keep it” was his philosophy. Education should be everyone’s dream, but it had been taken from them, only to culminate in them becoming our mentors and evening study group leaders. The twins would read our lessons to us, enjoying the words that were just chatter to me. Interested, observant, attentive and loving in their teaching to us. I owe part of who I have become to them and I adored them. To me, they are two of the most precious memory gifts I ever received. Brenda’s memory, albeit was the most impactful one of my life was taken from us when I had just turned 16. She was destined to be forever young at 27. I miss her as much today as I ever have, beginning on June 29, 1974. She left behind a beautiful son of six a young husband and an unborn daughter to take to heaven so there would be no loneliness there. Linda at that time was stationed in Spain with her husband and didn’t make it home in time to say goodbye to her best friend, her soulmate, the other side of her own face. It was difficult and continues to be after over forty years have passed. I still pray for peace in me to be still and be thankful for that short time we had. I am worldly with expression because of them, I am educated beyond my own ambition because of them and I am more appreciative of Linda than the world has time for me to tell her. Life’s journey is not all our own, it also belongs to those who help us make it to the end of it. Thank you Linda for your unrelenting sacrifices you made. I love you sweet sister.

Copyright (Charles D. Grant)

Author: coffeewithcharles58

Married for 33 years to a wonderful wife. I have 2 grown sons and a beautiful daughter n law. I love life, past and present.

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